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Letter: Cabbies at train station are a disgrace to Buffalo

Cabbies at train station are a disgrace to Buffalo

Last Tuesday night, the CEO of my company arrived at the train station downtown, after a journey from Albany. Three cabs were lined up at the curb outside the terminal. He requested a ride to the Lafayette, but was turned down by all three drivers, each apparently awaiting a larger fare. Having no other option, the gentleman walked the half-mile to the hotel, carrying his luggage along the unfamiliar ice and slush-covered sidewalks in the 12-degree cold night.

This incident would be shameful anywhere, but in a city that is trying to change its image as a Rust Belt backwater, the fact that Buffalo’s cab drivers are allowed to treat visitors in such a manner is an abomination. It’s past time our elected officials stopped protecting them and opened the market to Uber.

Brian Caughel