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Joan Osborne to play Bear's Den

Everyone pursues spirituality in his or her own way. But thanks to the 1995 breakthrough hit “One of Us” by singer/songwriter Joan Osborne, many were able to consider the almighty as just a regular, slovenly dude, alone, possibly clad in flannel and longing for a friend - just like us.

For some, the tune incited religious controversy. For Osborne, it merely introduced her gorgeous, bluesy voice and neo-hippy persona to millions via her debut album, “Relish.” The Kentucky-born songstress will certainly revisit tracks off this work — as well as introduce many to the beauty of her more than 20 years of work — when she brings her “Love and Hate” tour to the intimate Seneca Niagara Casino Bear’s Den for a show at 8 pm. Jan. 29.

Over the past two years, the seven-time Grammy nominee has released a 20th anniversary deluxe version of her debut, as well as her eighth album, the tour-named “Love and Hate” in 2014. The album - personal, emotional and soaring aside orchestral instrumentals — explores Osborne’s ideas of romantic love, all while revealing an artist who hasn’t lost the vocal impact first divulged via the frank consideration of a higher power — and whether this entity makes phone calls to the pope in Rome.          

Tickets start at $45 (box office, Ticketmaster).

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