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George Pataki endorses Marco Rubio for president

ALBANY – Former New York Gov. George Pataki has endorsed his fellow Republican Sen. Marco Rubio for president.

Pataki, who recently bowed out of the GOP race for the White House amid polling numbers that never budged from sub-basement levels, released a written statement Tuesday morning saying Florida’s Rubio is best suited to overseeing national security concerns.

“These are dangerous times and people across America are desperate for strong leadership. But name calling and trading insults is not a substitute for leadership and it will not usher in a new American century,” Pataki said. “I fear if Donald Trump is our party’s nominee, then Hillary Clinton will be President. Fortunately, Republicans who want to win have a conservative alternative in Marco Rubio – a person who will not only unite our party, but defeat Hillary Clinton in November.”

Pataki, who has shown no current taste for Trump, the Manhattan developer he used to deal with when he was governor, sought to put the Republican Trump in the same political boat as Democrats Clinton and President Obama.

“Americans feel divided because in Obama, Trump and Clinton we have had leading figures who exploit division for political gain. Marco Rubio will do the opposite,” Pataki said.