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Letter: Serious reforms are needed to end corruption in Albany

Serious reforms are needed to end corruption in Albany

In Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s State of the State address, he told us of all his accomplishments as governor.

He said there are many things he’s going to do and he’ll spend several millions of dollars doing it. He’s going to lower taxes. He didn’t mention that we are the highest taxed state in the country and one of the most corrupt. What will he actually do?

The governor started on ethics again. He promised to enforce ethics in Albany. I’ve heard so many politicians talk about ending corruption that I don’t pay attention anymore. Cuomo did come up with something that worked. It was called the Moreland Commission. Then all of a sudden he dropped it. Why would anyone stop something that is working? Former Sen. Seymour Lachman called Albany “rotten at its core.” The politicians don’t care about ethics. They like things exactly as they are.

We need to stop pensions for convicted criminal politicians and make it retroactive for those already in jail. The amount of money representatives earn as outside income should be limited. If any senator or representative doesn’t like it, he should not run for office. Finally there should be term limits so new blood in Albany will focus on the issues instead of looking to get re-elected as soon as they get into office. The president of the United States can only run for two terms, which is enough for anyone.

Filip R. Caruso