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Letter: Let’s hope Walmart allows buses at new supercenter

Let’s hope Walmart allows buses at new supercenter

With the coming grand opening of the Walmart Supercenter on Walden Avenue at the site of the old Super Flea, I would like to voice my concern for the many disadvantaged shoppers who will have to make the long trek by bus to the new store, with the closing of the store at the Thruway Plaza. Many of these shoppers are low income and some are handicapped.

Bus service will have to be increased. It is the hope of many that these loyal shoppers are not neglected and put in hardship and hazardous situations by the powers that be – Walmart, the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority and the Cheektowaga government. Many can recall when a young black girl was killed while crossing a busy Walden Avenue attempting to get to the Galleria, because at that time the Walden Galleria did not allow NFTA buses onto its property. Since that tragedy NFTA buses now enter not only the Galleria, but also the Eastern Hills, Boulevard and McKinley malls.

With the opening of the new store, the same scenario could arise, with many bus passengers forced to cross a very busy Walden Avenue. This threat is magnified at night and with rain or snow. I hope that Walmart shows some compassion for these disadvantaged shoppers by allowing buses to enter its store property.

Ronald A. Keneske