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Letter: Current system skews Buffalo snowfall stats

Current system skews Buffalo snowfall stats

Buffalo is considered to be one of the snowiest cities in the United States. Some locals see this as a curse; others see it as a badge of honor. But if you look closely at the snowfall statistics that are officially recorded, one sees a system that does not portray the real story of snow in Buffalo.

As all local residents know, snowfall measurements are taken at the Buffalo airport in Cheektowaga. Does this reflect greater Buffalo snowfall? Not even close. We have a great diversity of microclimates within a 10-mile radius of the weather station. While the November 2014 storm dumped many feet of snow in the Southtowns, folks in Amherst were raking leaves. It is obvious that the location of the weather station is paramount in determining the snowfall. A case in point: When Marquette, Mich., moved its weather station from downtown to the airport, the city’s annual snowfall increased dramatically.

With today’s modern reporting technology, superior instrumentation and availability of citizens’ input, perhaps the National Weather Service can find a better method of gathering snowfall statistics. The old single weather station location is no longer useful and highly inaccurate for measuring Buffalo’s snowfall.

W. John Kozinski

West Seneca