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Woman says she was drugged, raped, held captive for days

A woman told police she was held captive, drugged and repeatedly raped in a house on East Morris Avenue near Main Street.

The victim reported that last Tuesday, she was leaving a drug and alcohol treament clinic on Holden Street when she was approached by a man she knows and invited to go to a house on Manhattan Avenue, where a woman she knows lives.

At the Manhattan Avenue address, another man invited her to the East Morris Avenue location, and she accompanied the man and woman there.

Once there, the woman said she was injected with an unknown substance by the man, who then raped her repeatedly and forced her to have sex with multiple people.

On Friday, the victim’s family received calls and text messages from her cell phone demanding that they pay $5,000 for her return.

On Saturday, the victim was able to leave the East Morris address and make her way back to the clinic, where police were called and detectives were notified.