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Letter: Knox’s support for Hoskins tarnishes family’s reputation

Knox’s support for Hoskins tarnishes family’s reputation

I am amazed that this saga has been allowed to continue for so many years, despite ongoing coverage by The News. Perhaps instead of showing pictures of the well-manicured Beth Lynne Hoskins as she repeatedly entered and exited the courts, The News should have been repeatedly publishing photos of the victims of her apparently documented, abusive neglect, including the unhealthful care and the horrid living conditions to which the horses were reportedly subjected.

The court system and jurists involved have been shown to be less than optimally effective when people with significant financial resources can so blatantly manipulate them and therefore waste my tax dollars while legal counsels gather their fees.

Hoskins obviously needs adult supervision. Meanwhile, is her young daughter still being home schooled? Seriously? Even Hoskins’ family finally realized she has been wasting their fortune and therefore reduced her allowance. Perhaps some percentage of the family’s pot-of-gold should be donated to the SPCA.

I would also suggest that the well-meaning Jean Knox needs to be more diligent in protecting herself and her family’s reputation. Perhaps she should also be generously supporting the SPCA, which has shouldered the burden of trying to right the wrong of Hoskins’ childish and neglectful behavior. An appropriate number certainly would be multiples of whatever amount was provided as personal loans or donations to the “friends of Hoskins” trust. I doubt any of the polo and equestrian enthusiasts and the responsible horse owners who have been involved with the Knox family for so many years would endorse her ill-informed support of Hoskins.

Karl Oesterle

Orchard Park