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Letter: Closing coal plants means we’ll import dirty power

Closing coal plants means we’ll import dirty power

I find it interesting that the governor proposes to close all coal plants in New York. What a joke. Sure, it will look good for him because he can say he has reduced the carbon dioxide emissions in the state. But in reality the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) will just be importing dirty power from coal plants in other states.

Look at the increase of electricity being imported from the Ohio and PJM markets. For instance, National Grid just constructed a huge substation in Humphrey, which was put there to replace the loss of the power from the Huntley and Dunkirk coal plants. The power for this substation comes from Homer City, Pa., a 2 gigawatt coal plant operated by NRG.

The governor and the NYISO don’t care about keeping power plant jobs and their tax revenue in the state; it’s all about cheap electricity. The transmission line operators and utilities are still collecting their transportation fees to send the electricity to the users.

John Klatte