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Letter: Blaming Obama for ISIS ignores some critical facts

Blaming Obama for ISIS ignores some critical facts

I caught the letter, “Withdrawal of troops a serious blunder,” on Jan. 20 and thought: Someone seriously needs to buy a clue.

First of all, President Obama was just abiding by the terms of the agreement the Iraqi government and the Bush administration had signed. Iraq was not interested in renewing the agreement. To stay in spite of that would have made us an invader by international law.

Secondly, we might have prevented ISIS by staying, at a cost of thousands of troops and billions of dollars. Let’s not forget millions more to help injured vets through recovery. I truly doubt the writer would be willing to take a tax increase to pay for these things.

Third, blaming Obama for ISIS is like blaming the fireman for the arsonists’ work. Because truthfully, would we have had this problem if we hadn’t invaded Iraq, based on faulty intelligence, in the first place? I think not. Besides, the idea that we can solve this by kicking butt was how we got into this mess in the first place. In the movies, you get the bad guy and everyone lives happily ever after. The reality of Iraq was we took out the big guy, whom all the little guys were afraid of. With him gone, the little guys want to be the big guy, with the ability to do what they want. Barring that, they’ll settle for the trusted lieutenant of the big guy. Iraq’s history is filled with despots indulging every whim.

Larry Schultz