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Whoopi Goldberg puts on a show that’s as raunchy as it is hilarious

As Whoopi Goldberg enters her fourth decade in the public eye, most people have formed an impression of the comedian, actress and co-host of “The View.” Goldberg more than lived up to that impression with a consistently outspoken, raunchy, and most importantly, funny stand-up set Friday night at the Seneca Niagara Casino.

As Goldberg began her show, she offered several disclaimers to the audience, such as her frank use of language.

“I like the words I use,” Goldberg said. “I use words that people say are bad for kids to say. If anybody still has a problem with it, now is the time to get the … out!”

Goldberg equally wasn’t shy about approaching any topic, whether it was the reaction of people following her brother’s death, sex as an older woman, or how children are raised in today’s society.

She saved some of her sharpest barbs for the candidates running for the Republican presidential nomination, even with a significant percentage of the crowd identifying themselves as members of the GOP.

“Thank God we are close to Canada, because that’s where I’m going,” she said. “Are there any Republicans in the house? I lovingly ask you: What are you going to do? You can’t be happy about this. And now Sarah Palin. She’s like a period that keeps coming back.”

As Goldberg walked back and forth on stage with a confident presence, she transitioned fairly smoothly from topic to topic. She occasionally diverged from her set to acknowledge something happening in the audience (such as a couple sitting up front who had problems with their seating), but quickly moved back to her place in the routine.

“I’ve turned into an old, angry, black woman,” Goldberg noted, but at least she’s entertaining about it.

Following her 50-minute set, Goldberg answered questions from the audience for a half-hour. Among the highlights:

• On Stacy Dash’s comments that if African-Americans want equal representation, they should eliminate the BET cable channel and Black History Month: “I think what she was trying to say is that in a perfect world, we wouldn’t need BET or Black History Month. But that’s not the world we live in.”

• Favorite co-host on “The View”: “I like everybody. I try to; that’s how my mom raised me.”

• On her mother, who encouraged Goldberg to walk her own path in life: “My mother never told us we were poor. I thought we lived in a castle, because she made it a castle. She never told us anything was wrong (with how we were raised).”

• On her “Comic Relief” co-host Robin Williams: “I miss Robin tremendously. Nobody could make me laugh like he did.”

• Scariest moment in life: The death of a parent.

• Favorite scene from her Oscar-nominated role in “The Color Purple”: “The whole movie was my favorite, because it was my first.”

• The favorite movie that she’s been in?: “The Lion King.”

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