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Spiritually Rooted II now serving the Lewiston community

Whether you’re looking for a Bible, a Buddha, candles, a rosary, original artwork or yoga supplies, Spiritually Rooted has it all. You’ll also find an abundance of crystals and gemstones with descriptions of varied healing properties.

Spiritually Rooted II, located at 402 Center St. in Lewiston, is the second New Age store opened by the Rev. Dr. Pamela Bruns. The original location on Webster Street in North Tonawanda has become a community within that community since it launched in 2012.

Bruns’ philosophy of religious inclusiveness is evident with the diverse selection of merchandise she sells. Having always acted instinctively, she later learned that her intuition was intertwined with spirituality, and the idea to offer these types of products and services developed from there.

She holds a doctorate in pastoral counseling and psychology from the University of Metaphysics in Sedona, Ariz., and two masters’ degrees in executive leadership and development and metaphysics, and two bachelor’s degrees in communication/psychology and metaphysics. She believes in lifelong learning, both formal and informal, for everyone.

“No matter your belief or where you are in your life, you should feel welcome at the Root,” Bruns said. “We respect all religions and have everything for everybody.”

Church services are currently offered at 7 p.m. on Thursdays at the North Tonawanda location. The nondenominational, contemporary service focuses on guiding individuals’ spiritually journeys in an inclusive, supportive environment that celebrates joy, life and the mysteries of spiritual fulfillment.

“There is an evolution of what you believe today versus what you believed five years ago or five years from now,” Bruns said. “That is how our church is run. You can come and ask questions about many organized religions. You don’t have to leave your church or synagogue. I don’t believe you have to denounce your current or former belief system in order to learn about new or different beliefs.”

In addition to church services, Spiritually Rooted offers life coaching for people who are feeling stuck or confused and need to move forward, intuitive development for those who want to learn to be in better touch with their intuition, chanting meditations, massages with an intuitive massage therapist, Tarot card readings and psychic readings.

Certified mental health counseling and addiction counseling will be available out of the Lewiston location within the next month and those counseling services will be covered by insurance. Only some of the other services are offered at the Lewiston store because of space constraints, but Bruns hopes to expand when that becomes possible.

As a young professional, Bruns worked as the human resource director for a large company in the world of mergers and acquisitions specializing in managing change. Later she started a profitable consulting company and then helped a friend start a company.

The New Age scents and sounds that greet shoppers at Spiritually Rooted II are a far cry from the fast-paced corporate world. What brought about the dramatic lifestyle change?

“I had a psychic reading and had three questions in my head that were answered immediately,” Bruns explained. “The medium continued on about all of this information about me and about how intuitive I was. I took a class at Lily Dale Assembly called ‘Getting in touch with your intuition’ in order to explore mine. I had no idea the class was teaching how to do readings or I would never have taken it. I did everything they taught and it kept falling out of me.

“I did this as closeted at first,” Bruns continued. “But then people started calling me for readings through word of mouth. My skill set made it easy to start the store since a business model for psychics was lacking.”

Bruns also was learning to follow the direction her heart and soul was leading her.

Once she was solely focused on academic and financial success. But major changes, including the death of her mother, led her to open up to the other parts of what life has to offer. This awakening came with a need to “make a difference, not just a dollar” and that is what she hopes to do for her customers.

“I don’t get upset with people if they don’t agree with me,” Bruns said. “People have to understand it themselves and be open to it. I am a skeptic first, and I respect other skeptics.”

Once the first store was open, you might say the cat was out of the bag. Rescuing cats is another cause that Bruns has been involved with since her early college years.

She is currently working with the SPCA Serving Erie County, fostering as many as 20 cats at once in her North Tonawanda store, not including the two adult cats, Mia and Chimi, who live at the shop.

“We get the tiny kittens to raise for about three months before they are adoptable,” Bruns explained.

Spiritually Rooted II already fits in well among the shops on Lewiston’s Center Street. Bruns hopes her Lewiston customers will feel welcome no matter where they are in their spiritual life.