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Letters for Jan. 24

Are there different rules for playoff officiating?

First and foremost, the best pass defenders did not play in last week’s playoffs games. Secondly, the NFL has obviously told the officials not to call pass interference and defensive holding penalties unless very flagrant. And thirdly, television commentators were very quiet about it.

The NFL has regular season and postseason, but different enforcement of the rules for each of them.

Officials are graded in the regular season to find the best for the playoffs, only to be there and ignore the rules.

C’mon, man!

Jack Silverstein


Bills are not worth the ticket price increase

The people of Western New York work very hard for their money. So what do the Bills do for their loyal fans who have been paying to watch the garbage they have been putting on the field for over 16 years? They sneak a ticket price increase through the back door. For that product they should lower prices.

I feel sorry for Kim and Terry Pegula. They saved professional sports in Buffalo. They have given management an open check book and ask only for a championship in return for “OneBuffalo.” They are getting shafted for their money.

Mark Creham


Brady, Patriots seem more adaptable than Broncos

Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning: No. 17, what can we expect?

When it seems like Brady can play until he’s 50 and Manning plays like he’s 50 at times, it almost seems obvious what the result will be. But hold on a second, is it really that simple? I think it is.

Manning may be a master at recognition of defenses, but he doesn’t have the arm to counteract a Bill Belichick defense catered to taking away the short, intermediate routes. Sure, Denver may try to run the ball more but do you really think that New England won’t be ready for that? It might be a long day for Manning.

On the other hand, Brady seems to be able to handle any kind of adversity. Lose Edelman or Gronk, use one of the many fill-ins. No running game, no problem, pass 50 times. It never seems to matter to New England.

Hey, I’m a true Bills fan and can’t stand constantly losing to The B&B Boys but you have to give them their props. They adapt whenever necessary and in any way they can.

It would be nice to see Manning possibly end on a high note, but I have a feeling Brady and Belichick couldn’t care less.

Dale Slisz


Could Sabres be next to break coaching ground?

Buffalo seems to be reinventing itself and making history left and right with the new hiring of the NFL’s first ever full time female coach. Buffalo is also part of history making with one of the founding teams of the National Women’s Hockey League.

I wonder if the Sabres should try to reinvent themselves and hire a female coach, maybe a player or coach from the Beauts. Anything different might help the Sabres.

Frank Kolbmann


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