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Letter: Trump’s astute vision is what sets him apart

Trump’s astute vision is what sets him apart

Central to each critical analysis of Donald Trump is the notion of intrusive volume accompanying his ideas. However, as a supporter of his political recommendations, I can attest that in all the interviews and debates in which he has participated, he always speaks with sincerity but also with control never approaching a volume that could be considered loud. One then is tempted to observe that critics are reacting to the force of his ideas, which in their cogency ring cognitive alarm bells when credible repudiation is not to be found.

The clarity of Trump’s vision is what sets him apart. It is as if the other candidates light the way with matches while Trump has a search light.

We have a huge problem now of finding and neutralizing homegrown terrorists without welcoming hordes of Middle Easterners who are immediately geographically suspect but also exponentially more likely to conceal within their numbers terrorists from their home turf. Logic says stop them from entering until the threat is obliterated by finding and dealing with the individual terrorists.

A medical analogy is in order. History is replete with stories of poisoning whereby a fatal substance is dissolved in a glass of wine. Most of the contents of the glass are wine, but it is the tiny amount of poison that is fatal. So it is with accepting refugees, where most of them are deserving but a few come to kill and maim. You don’t drink the wine and you don’t let the suspect refugees in. Trump has it right. Again.

John Joyce