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Letter: Put life-sized ‘ice car’ on display at Canalside

Put life-sized ‘ice car’ on display at Canalside

Attention, Buffalo artists and Canalside executives. We’ve just witnessed an unfortunate incident where a Hamburg resident neglected to move his car away from the windswept fury of an unfrozen Lake Erie in January. Most of us expected that if left out there for any length of time, the car would get covered with ice. But even hardy Buffalonians were surprised to see the “carsicle sculpture” that developed. It became an international sensation. News agencies from all over couldn’t get enough of it. People couldn’t resist a selfie with “frozen.” It put us in the spotlight again.

Let’s capitalize on this image. We can have fun with our weather. What if we commission a life-sized copy of the “ice car” complete with a section of the “frozen” railing and place it at Canalside for all to enjoy year-round? What a tourist attraction – a great complement to “Shark Girl.” Set it near the water with a plaque commemorating the event. This would make a great travel poster on all those selfies that would be taken.

Have the ribbon-cutting ceremony on a hot, summer day. Invite all the media, including the Weather Channel, that enjoyed the original event. Let’s show them that we have a sense of humor, too.

Jerry Soltis