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Thurman remains Bills' defensive coordinator

Dennis Thurman will remain the Buffalo Bills’ defensive coordinator, coach Rex Ryan said Friday.

Thurman’s role came into question after the Bills hired Ryan’s twin brother, Rob, to be their assistant head coach/defense.

A report from Fox Sports said, in light of Rob’s hiring in the departure of defensive backs coach Donnie Henderson, Thurman would now devote most of his attention to the defensive backs. Rex vaguely addressed that, only saying the addition of his brother would give Thurman greater flexibility in his job.

“This will allow Dennis freedom to go, if he wants to spend more time with the secondary, with whatever, that’s fine,” Ryan said. “But Tim McDonald’s our secondary coach, and I feel great about that.”

Ryan said the fact there are two former coordinators (the Ryans) and Thurman on the staff doesn’t mean there are “too many cooks in the kitchen” on defense.

“When the plan comes in and the call comes in, it’s a Buffalo Bill thing, and we’re all in it together,” Rex said. “I love having opinions, having voices. My brother and Dennis Thurman are really smart. I know it’s debatable and been well-written that I’m not that sharp, so I get it.

“We can all be good individually, but one of us isn’t as smart as all of us. And I think, when you get a lot of guys that have been around it, that can throw an idea here or there, that’s to be encouraged more so than looked down (upon). I love that thing.”

The same applies to the offense.

“(Offensive coordinator) Greg Roman, if he’s just relying on Greg Roman, that’s fine,” Ryan said. “He’s going to be really good. (But) he’ll never be as good as he can be unless he relies on (running backs coach) Anthony Lynn, unless he relies on (receivers coach) Sanjay Lal, unless he relies on other coaches.

“Yeah, is there going to be one guy (Rex) making the call? Yeah, absolutely. But to me, take advantage of the expertise of other guys and the experience can only help us and make us stronger.”

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