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Letter: Palin’s support of Trump is disconcerting to many

Palin’s support of Trump is disconcerting to many

The other night, a sound came from my television that brought me to my knees. It sounded as though a thousand people were slowly dragging their fingernails across a giant blackboard. It turns out, it was only Sarah Palin giving her endorsement speech for Donald Trump. We should take a moment to consider the history of these two unlikely partners.

No one can deny the wealth of Trump. He is worth between $2.5 and $10 billion, depending on your source. However, he has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times, and except for the first bankruptcy, his personal fortune was protected from his corporate bankruptcies. He has admitted that his business interests often required him to support both sides of political issues. He is alienating our allies and inspiring our enemies. He dictates proclamations that seem to be predicated upon working with an agreeable Congress. His CEO mentality sometimes clashes with our democratic principles.

According to Steve Schmidt, senior adviser to the McCain campaign, he had to administer a quickie high school education to Palin while traveling on the campaign bus. She did not know that Africa was a continent. When asked by Katie Couric to cite one specific periodical that influenced her world view, Palin couldn’t name one and stammered that she consulted “all or any of them.” Obviously unqualified to hold high public office, she quit her job as governor of Alaska after two years.

So if the mind-meld of Palin and Trump is able to help launch him to the presidency, history tells us that it might well turn out that, like many of his business ventures, Trump can make America great again; or, like many of his corporations, he might make America file for Chapter 11.

But like Trump says, if his attempt fails, he can always go back to constructing buildings that display the Trump logo.

Robert Wegrzynowski