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Letter: Mom-and-pop investors face system rigged for the wealthy

Mom-and-pop investors face system rigged for the wealthy

Here we go again. The Dow falls from 17,500 to 15,500. All the mom-and-pop investors scramble to try to protect their investments from falling off the cliff. The big hedge funds sit back and continue to sell off by making millions of computer trades a second. A money-making opportunity for them for sure. A tip of the scale by their own doing will prompt a buying frenzy that mom and pop can’t partake in. Why? They don’t have that million-dollar-plus portfolio that is required by the biggest and best market controlling funds required to join the rich-get-richer club.

So mom and pop try to pick up the ravages of disparity created by the funds that control the global economy. Earning, revenue! They don’t even enter the equation any longer. What should the little guy do? Should I stay with the money manager who makes a living off my business? Should I invest in a great blue chip dividend, that I can buy and forget without worry?

Volatility abounds. Costs for professional service eat away at needed income. Living in an economic environment that is based on money and lacks any semblance of remorseful harm to mom and pop leaves little room. Not until our rich elected representatives are void of affiliations with these very hedge funds and finally act on the behalf of the people they were elected to protect, will mom and pop once again be relevant and enjoy the benefits that saving and investing generates. Good luck.

Mark Neupert