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Punk and Ska Extravaganza returns to Mohawk Place

Is it impressive when a pair or trio of individuals mount a stage, flip open Mac laptops and launch grooves and beats over a slew of swaying barroom denizens? To some, yes.

For others, no. Guitars, drums and sweat equity is necessary to put on a show worthy of PBR rounds, and a stripped-down, do-it-yourself ethos needs to weave through a pulsating product that keeps crowds thrashing, moshing and skanking. These are the makings of a rock ’n’ roll melee, and it’s the meat of the Punk and Ska Extravaganza, Part Deux, scheduled to bounce Mohawk Place (43 E. Mohawk St.) on Jan. 23.

Headlined by Buffalo punk forefathers Johnny Revolting – and buttressed by a local foursome of D.N.R., the Abruptors, On the Cinder and Radical Operations – the night will cater to those who live and die by power chords. It’ll entertain those who worship at the altar of the Clash, Bad Religion and Operation Ivy, as well as rally those turned off by the computerization of modern tracks and, instead, just want to bask in the brutal mayhem that can be music.

Admission is $5. Doors open at 8 p.m.

– Michael Farrell