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Letter: How can dad think adoption is more cruel than abortion?

How can dad think adoption is more cruel than abortion?

In the article, “Surrogate mother rejects aborting triplet,” the question is asked, “Would she abort a fetus she was carrying for someone else?” Fetus means “offspring.” A human’s offspring would have to be a human. Women only carry baby humans in their womb, right? This isn’t rocket science. So, “Would she abort one of the three babies she was carrying?”

She has filed a lawsuit because the biological father wants her to abort one of the three babies. He’s concerned about his finances and the babies’ health. Adoption would solve his financial problems, and the surrogate mother states the health of the babies is fine. He said he considered adoption but thought it would be cruel to separate the triplets and opted for abortion instead.

Think about that. Adoption is cruel but aborting the boy (which will kill him) is better. I wonder what the other two children will think of their father when he tells them that he thought killing their brother was a better choice than letting him live. “It could have been me,” might be their thoughts.

Where are the “my body, my choice” voices? But wait, that doesn’t apply. A fetus is a separate human being that naturally lives in the womb and then is born (ask a doctor or your mother). This woman is just doing what should come naturally for any mother: protecting her children. May she have her day in court and win, for the sake of the child.

Kathleen Sacilowski