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Letter: GOP is having a tough time connecting with millennials

GOP is having a tough time connecting with millennials

As a millennial, along with 83.1 million others, a quarter of the current U.S. population, our world view is increasingly different from that of our parents. Maybe our feelings of disagreement are from the landscape of the economy that they so graciously put us in, and now expect us to dig ourselves out of. We face crippling student loans at high interest rates, stagnant wages and a future of personal economic growth and stability far less encouraging than theirs once was.

As I watched the last Republican presidential debate, I couldn’t help but realize how out of touch and disconnected the candidates’ message was to me and many others my age. Millennials, as a whole, are disinterested in the issues that have long since passed the time of debate. Marriage equality, equal pay, affordable health care and climate change are just some of the things our emerging generation is already embracing, shaping our views of what we want to see our society encompass when it is time to raise children of our own. We want a society that provides equal treatment, opportunity and prosperity to all who work for it, not a select few. And to the chagrin of some, that includes refugees and immigrants.

Our rhetoric won’t be one of dissatisfaction or fearmongering; it will be of triumph, inclusiveness and resilience.

Mitchell P. Nowakowski