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Another Voice: Roe v. Wade is not consistent with the nation’s laws

By Zach Krajacic

The March for Life is a good time to reflect on the fact that our laws generally recognize an unborn baby as a human life with inviolable rights and equal protection under the law. Roe v. Wade contradicts these laws, creating a situation in which an unborn baby’s right to life depends on the method that is used to end the life.

Last month, a Tennessee woman, Anna Yocca, was charged with attempted murder after trying to abort her child with a coat hanger. The indictment stated that she “did unlawfully and intentionally with premeditation attempt to kill Leo Kluge.” The baby survived, but sustained serious injuries.

Yocca’s baby, unlike babies aborted in a clinic, was viewed as a human life worthy of protection. Thus, it appears that the criminality of abortion in America’s legal system is a function of the method used to perform the act, rather than the result of the act.

Had this woman gone to a trained professional at a clinic equipped with sophisticated tools, the abortion attempt would have been viewed as a “procedure” and a “right.” In other words, the legality (and morality) of the act hinged on whether a probe or a coat hanger was used. An “approved” method somehow transforms it into a “medical” operation.

Legal reasoning ought to be a reflection of moral reasoning. A society like ours that is bent on expunging morality is no longer capable of clear legal reasoning. When the two are separated, we create illogical legal contradictions and dichotomies.

This is evident not only from the aforementioned event, but also by the fact that when a pregnant woman is attacked and her baby is killed in the process, the assailant is charged with the murder of the baby (whether or not the mother lives). In this case, the baby is viewed as a separate human being who is protected under the law.

With abortion, our nation’s legal system has mounted the pinnacle of twisted reasoning. Perhaps the system has become so complex and sophisticated that it misses the obvious. Maybe our brilliant legal minds, in spotting all the mice hiding in the room, somehow miss the elephant staring at them.

A more likely explanation, however, is that the advancement of a liberal ideology justifies flabby legal reasoning and intellectual dishonesty.

When it comes to protecting human life, our nation’s laws ought to reflect consistency, not contradictions. This can be accomplished by applying the moral law equally in all situations, which means protecting life in all circumstances and at all stages, from conception to natural death.

Zach Krajacic, a Lancaster resident, is vice president at 101.7 FM The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio Network, based in Williamsville. He oversees eight stations throughout the northeastern United States as well as iCatholicRadio, a free app heard on mobile devices.