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East Coast 'blizzard' to miss Buffalo to the south, east; sunny weekend forecast for WNY

The East Coast is in full-fledged panic mode as what's being billed as the first major snowstorm of the season takes aim at places like Washington, D.C., Batimore, Philadelphia, New York and Boston for the upcoming weekend.

A blizzard watch is posted for the nation's capital.

But, models strongly suggest the Buffalo Niagara region will sit on the sidelines for this one -- basking under sun-drenched skies.

The Buffalo-Niagara region will enjoy cool days and chilly nights later this week into the weekend, but it'll be mainly clear. (NWS)

"Typically on the edge of these systems, there's a pretty sharp cut-off between the clouds and sun," said Dave Thomas, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Buffalo. "We appear to be on the sunny side."

Just before 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, the National Weather Service posted the "blizzard watch" for the nation's capital and surrounding areas.

Forecasters are still trying to pinpoint how exactly the storm will track, but after gathering strength in the Deep South, a deepening area of low pressure looks to take a turn up the East Coast.

Cold air will mix with moisture in the storm system to create heavy snowfall starting Friday around the District of Columbia.

Most models show the storm then tracking up the East Coast corridor toward New England in the form of a nor'easter.

"It's a classic track there," Thomas said. "The storm will just miss us."

As of now, it looks like the westernmost edge of the storm will drop some light snow over the Genesee Valley, Thomas said.

The National Weather Service has blizzard watches posted for the nation's capital.


Between 2 to 3 feet of snow is possible near Washington, D.C. over a 48-hour period ending Sunday afternoon. (

Snowfall totals near Washington, D.C. could approach 30 or more inches, according to a report from the Washington Post's Capital Weather Gang.

"We are just now at the point (of the winter) where the air is cold enough with the ongoing storms to awaken a sleeping giant in terms of a snowstorm," Dave Dombek, an AccuWeather senior meteorologist reported on

Early projections of an "historic" storm started taking shape on social media earlier this week when forecasters started sounding the warning that models were showing a storm system was taking shape.

Wednesday, most of the major news publications up and down the East Coast were preparing readers for a big snowstorm, take a look:

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