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Letter: Kudos to Erie County IDA for passing pay-equity rule

Kudos to Erie County IDA for passing pay-equity rule

The League of Women Voters applauds the Erie County Industrial Development Agency for passing a pay equity rule for businesses that receive government subsidies through the agency. The league has long supported fair pay reforms for women and men, including passage of equal-pay-for-job-titles-of-comparable-worth legislation.

The federal Ledbetter Act allows employees to sue when they find out they are being paid unequally. However, it is difficult for most private sector employees to compare their wage rates to those of other employees in their same job title without fear of retaliation or dismissal.

The league will continue to encourage federal, state, county and municipal governments to require wage transparency of the private sector companies with whom they do business, including those who receive government subsidies. Occasional spot checks or audits of wage and salary data are justified as a step toward accountability for adherence to pay equity rules.

Joan T. Parks


League of Women Voters of Buffalo Niagara