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Letter: Collins has no idea how the average person lives

Collins has no idea how the average person lives

Chris Collins’ comments on President Obama’s State of the Union address are stunning in their ignorance of what the president really said and what working families really need.

I, a constituent, am a retired Buffalo teacher, born and raised in Buffalo and a proud graduate of Riverside High. I have nothing in common with Collins. But then why would I? I am a workingman who is still working, while Collins is a “1 percenter,” or very nearly so, as one of the richest members of the House. Collins spends his life flying from Spaulding Lake to his plush D.C. residence. He knows nothing about us.

Collins is the Philistine, who cut arts funding in Erie County. The plutocrat, who now votes for less taxation for the rich, more guns for everyone, and no health care (60-plus times) for lower-class working families whom he never sees in daily life but talks about for political gain.

Collins is seeking “solutions working families deserve”? Would those solutions be what Collins did to the working poor when he took away their day care benefits as county executive?

John Calleri