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Letter: Why would gun advocates oppose background checks?

Why would gun advocates oppose background checks?

I asked myself, “What can almost be as bad as schoolchildren being murdered by a dysfunctional gunman?” The answer came easily as I heard a Fox News person say, “maybe there was an onion in the podium,” when President Obama shed a tear for the loss of the Sandy Hook schoolchildren. The broadcaster’s statement trivializes their deaths, opens the wound of the parents and is almost as bad as the act itself. Making fun of someone, anyone, who would cry over their loss, is deplorable.

It is also reprehensible to suggest that Obama’s modest action – including issuing an executive order clarifying that anyone who makes a living selling guns is required to conduct background checks on buyers; hiring more personnel to process background checks; pushing for improved gun safety technology; and tracking stolen firearms – means that the president is taking away our guns.

What sane person wouldn’t want accurate background checks, improved gun safety technology and finding those who have stolen guns? It is too bad that I can name quite a few.

Marguerite Battaglia