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Letter: Let’s not blindly follow one with loudest voice

Let’s not blindly follow one with loudest voice

As we attempt to think objectively about the race for the most powerful office in the world, we must acknowledge that there is unrest and little patience or trust with our political system.

It would appear that the leaders we have allowed to represent us on the world stage have failed us. We may feel that there is an absence of a perceived voice in the system. With this in mind, most people will listen to the loudest voice in the arena. What’s important is to not allow this lack of a perceived voice to obscure our judgment, because the ramifications would be irrevocable.

We must ask ourselves what change we actually want. Do we want change for the sake of change, or do we want someone who will sustain change? Some so-called leaders are quick to point at who and what we must fear, but when it comes to tangible answers, they lack substance or sustainability.

Think about your own interactions in life. How often are you apt to listen to the loudest voice? For that matter, will you continue to listen to this same voice with the absence of identified solutions? Not for very long, I suspect. Remedies to the challenges we now face are not clear, but the loudest voice in many instances lacks reliability.

John Vaccaro