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Letter: Brown views the East Side with rose-colored glasses

Brown views the East Side with rose-colored glasses

I read with bewilderment Mayor Byron Brown’s response to the Guardian’s Web article highlighting the negative circumstances on Buffalo’s East Side. He makes the assertion that the Guardian has not given the East Side a fair assessment. What exactly did it report that was not true?

The East Side has suffered decades of wholesale abandonment and destruction. Tens of thousands of people deserted their homes and businesses in an effort to escape misbehavior and wanton violence. They watched as the property they worked hard for lost virtually all value.

In response, the city has demolished and sent to landfills almost entire blocks of once proud neighborhoods. In their place lay large tracts of vacant, overgrown land, full of trash deposited there by the few remaining residents. Criminals patrol East Side streets with little fear of police intervention. Millions of taxpayer dollars have been poured into fruitless projects that have had a negligible effect on the East Side’s condition.

I love the East Side. I’ve lived and worked on the East Side. I wish the reality were different. Brown’s dismissal of the article should be suspect to anyone with the ability to see and think clearly.

Andrew Rusiniak