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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions


• Tyler Road, Timothy J. Jones to Jeremy S. Hitt; Maryanne A. Hitt, $139,900.

• Northway Drive, Jerri Lyn. Hillyard; Thomas J. Reigstad; Thomas T. Reigstad to Larry K. Potts, $103,000.

• 5149 Townline Road, Donna M. Kelsch; Sharon L. Patton; Walter J. Kelsch and Mary Jane Kelsch Revocable Living Trust to Donna M. Kelsch, $51,000.


• Carmen Road & Townline Road, Robert J. Gotts to Lester Bontrager; Velma Bontrager, $85,000.

• Ridge Road, Dory A. Marsh; Wendy R. Marsh to Amy M. Ward; Kevin P. Ward, $30,000.


• River Road, Anthony G. Deluke; Karen L. Deluke to Byron Deluke; Kasey Deluke, $470,000.

• Sullivan Court, Forbes Homes to Jordin E. Staschak; Patrick J Tracy Jr., $377,131.

• Townline Road, Diane Mcentee; Robert C. Mcentee to Kristen Tona; Scott Tona, $340,000.

• Eddy Dr. East, Ida Lombardi; Filomena Yankelunas to Charles Brigham, $219,000.

• Upper Mountain Road, Randy M. Demster to Ryan Carney, $116,600.

• Bridgeman Road, Barbara Faller; Beverly A. Jasinski to Justin S. Snell, $97,000.

• Hickory Lane, Northwest Development Group to Karen M. Jorgensen; Timothy J. Jorgensen, $63,000.


• East Ave. & Vine St. & Chestnut St., James T. Macaluso; James Thomas Macaluso; M. Diane Macaluso; Mary Diane Macaluso to Diversified Services Real Estate Holdings, $160,000.

• Jefferson Drive, Jay Patterson; Mary Patterson to Alan R. Forsey Jr.; Karen E. Forsey, $126,000.

• 99 Caledonia St., Mark Kress; Melissa Kress to Fannie Mae, $122,552.

• Walnut St., Alan R. Forsey Jr.; Karen E. Forsey; Karen E. Forsyth to Krista L. Burnett, $51,000.

• East Ave., Joseph F. Townsend to James Diel, $28,000.


• Lincoln Ave., Margaret J. Simmons; Raymond D. Simmons to Jonathan Reid, $250,000.

• Carleton South, Bradford L Sherwood Trust; Stephen S. Southard to Alvin F Fiedler Jr.; Jane A. Fiedler, $189,900.

• Stone Road, Karen S. Bennett; Thomas V. Bennett to Gregory Buchanan, $128,000.

• Lake Ave., Robert N. Robinson Jr. to Dominick L. Ciliberto, $103,500.


• 28 Francis St., Donald G. Weese; Patricia M. Weese to Katelyn Fletcher, $75,400.


• McClew Road & West Creek Road, Bruce A. Marshall; Sylvia N. Marshall to Karen M. Cinelli; Robert M. Cinelli, $210,000.

• Michelle Drive, Rebecca Cronk; Maureen A. Haskins; Maureen A. Miller to Justin Cushman; Theresa M. Cushman, $92,000.

• 2603 Main St., Susan T. Denormand; Thomas D. Denormand to Anthony Fudella, $74,730.

• Caledonia St., Lois I. Black; Lois Ileene Black; Lois Ileene Dake Black; Claudia Parment Supplemental Needs Trust; Barry G. Dake; Claudia Jeannett Dake; Sylvia D. Major; Claudia J. Parment; Claudia Jeannette Dake Pattyson Parment to Walter Centner, $70,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $137,000 Average price: $57,228 Median price: $53,530 Number of Sales: 26

• Lindbergh Ave., Donna L. Garcia to Leslie S. Fowler, $137,000.

• 66 Porter Ave., Mark M. Haseley; Susan M. Haseley to 10305 Lockport Road LLC, $135,000.

• Grauer Ave., Mary A. Buch; Mary A. Horsman to David W. Clare; Donna L. Clare, $111,000.

• 91st St. & Pasadena Ave., Kim Carella; Paul Carella to Crystal Strange; Nicholas Strange, $97,850.

• Parkway Condo Unit 1101, William L. Brady to Rahul Bhardwaj; Stuti Bhardwaj, $87,000.

• Niagara Ave., Barbara M. Carella; Maria L. Carella to Leonard Alan Carella, $82,000.

• 927 Ferry Ave., DHGF LLC to Bobby Plaster IRA; Horizon Trust, $75,225.

• 2483 Niagara Ave., DHGF LLC to Donna Pointer IRA; Horizon Trust, $74,125.

• 61st St., Sean M. Hill to Norma Cimini; Robert Cimini, $67,500.

• 83rd St., Grace P. Goss; Ronald B. Goss to Michael A. Russell; Stella P. Russell, $56,000.

• 388 North Ave., Leo Benevento to Jonathan Pietrangelo, $55,000.

• 26th St & Walnut St., Elda Panepinto; Michael P. Panepinto to S. Henry Peter-Gaye, $54,500.

• 63rd St., Donna Imerese; Stephen Imerese to Amber M. Eagan, $53,530.

• Lasalle Ave., Margaret J. Conibear; Mary Ann Vitagliano to Tina M. Cain, $51,000.

• 73rd St., Daniel A. Slocum to Paul E. Brundage, $45,000.

• Welch Ave., Pinnacle Property Solutions of Western NY to DHGF LLC, $40,000.

• 927 Ferry Ave., Equity Trust Co; Linda Canazzi IRA to DHGF LLC, $39,500.

• 521 29th St., Danielle Canazzi IRA; Equity Trust Co to RZ Real Estate, $35,000.

• 639 19th St., Lenora Moody to Equity Trust Co; Keith Canazzi IRA, $35,000.

• 94th St., Esther M. Butera; Earl H. Moeller; Melodi R. Pierce to Hi-tech Property Developments, $35,000.

• Niagara Ave., Michael Baker; Tina Baker; Tina L. Baker to Patricia Delio; Robert Delio, $30,000.

• 2477 Willow Ave., Paragon Enterprises to Serill LLC, $28,000.

• Whitney Ave., Gretchen Boyd; Kristina M. Cutini to Jose Morales, $24,000.

• Grand Ave., Penny L. Fickett; Penny L. McCormick to ITI Rental Property, $19,709.

• 1330 & 1336 Linwood Ave., Brian Douglas Cheverie to Kyle Cleveland; Stacie Cleveland, $12,000.

• 560 19th St., Jeff L. Clark to Harold D. Foshee, $8,000.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $159,900 Average price: $88,308 Median price: $105,000 Number of Sales: 8

• 796 Westbrook Drive, R. Scott Hedges to Beth N. Rossow; Peter D. Rossow, $159,900.

• 280 Sweeney St., Evelyn Duggan to Government Loan Securitization Trust; US National Association Bank, $121,764.

• Pioneer Drive, David M. Stitt; Susan M. Stitt to Angela Torrie; Daniel J. Torrie, $105,000.

• Pioneer Drive, David M. Stitt; John R. Stitt; Diane G. Turley to Angela Torrie; Daniel J. Torrie, $105,000.

• Pine St., Jeremy S. Hitt to Donald A. Festaiuti, $70,000.

• Fredericka St., Rachel Levin to Brad S. Madrid, $64,800.

• Nash Road, Craig W. Hoover; Laura A. Hoover to Scott R. Hoover, $47,000.

• Miller St., George N. Catalano; Karrie L. Catalano to Eric Alstrom; Lori Alstrom, $33,000.


• Bear Ridge Road, Corrine Sanders to Julie M. Butler; Thomas Butler, $145,500.

• Devonshire Lane, Campbell Pendleton to Ryan Homes of New York, $57,620.


• 3939 River Road, Amy L. Langlois; Virginia L. McMurtry to Joseph Congi; Susan Congi, $250,000.

• Lower River Road & Robert Moses State Parkway, Alex Dolan; Christine Dolan; Irene E. Dolan to Niagara River Properties, $175,250.

• Brampton Road, Lisa Magliarditi to Jennifer D. Lewis, $115,000.


• Somerset Drive, Cynthia A. Burgess; Lester W. Burgess to Calvin B. Jones; Karen S. Jones, $349,000.


• 7070 Witmer Road, Lisa A. Beringer to Fannie Mae, $312,479.

• Winbert Drive, Michelle Burr; Richard R. Burr to Kristi A. Hurtado, $214,000.

• Tonawanda Creek Road, Marian Brandel; Robert H. Brandel to Karen L. Powley; Kenneth R. Powley, $158,000.

• 6941 Williams Road, St. Holdings LLC; to Pintosa LLC, $99,000.

• Lockport Road, Anthony C. Barone to Christina Joanne Rice, $25,000.