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Letters for Jan. 17

It’s clear Bills need to draft a quarterback

At the beginning of the season it was my expectation that the Bills may have a worse record than last year, although possibly be a better team overall. The record was indeed one game worse, but it is also apparent that the team did not improve and, in fact, was not as good overall as last year.

My feeling is that the Bills are still in search of their “franchise quarterback” as Tyrod Taylor, although a very exciting player, is not the answer.

The hope here is that the Bills will draft a quarterback in April (we all know that obtaining one via free agency just isn’t going to happen). Sure, we need another lineman (both on defense and offense), as well as a safety and receiver, but there is no discounting the fact that in order for the Bills to compete and eventually earn a playoff spot, the need for a surefire, can’t miss gunslinger type of quarterback is now.

It appears to me that Rex Ryan will be dismissed if the team is not successful in 2016. How many more “housecleanings” can a franchise embark upon?

What the Bills did two years ago in moving up in the draft for Sammy Watkins should be their “modis operandi” again this year for their future quarterback. Sixteen years out of the playoffs – are you kidding me? That is not sweet, but very, very bitter.

Jim Antes

South Cheektowaga

With additional Ryan, cue up Stephen Sondheim

So now we have the Ryan Twins to entertain us next Fall. I’m at a loss for words.

I’m thinking the Pegulas have really lost it; clueless; doubling down? Double your pleasure, double your fun? Like this team doesn’t have enough distractions, now we have this.

So I’ll end this with some words from A Little Night Music.

“Don’t you love farce?

My fault, I fear (said the owner)

I thought that you’d want what I want

Sorry my dears

And where are the clowns?

Send in the clowns

Don’t bother, they’re here.”

Bill McCarthy

Orchard Park

Players should be paid based on performance

Printing the salaries of those 10 Bills’ players in a recent sports section is an affront to those of us who daily grind out a living.

When added up they total $52,271,731 and there’s at least 50 more players on the team under contract to the tune of over $106 million.

Sixteen years of fan frustration; 16 years of paying higher ticket, refreshment, parking and team memorabilia prices to support these ever-increasing salaries; 16 years of unfulfilled promises and seeming lack of achieving a 100 percent team effort per game.

When one only plays 16 games per year (no playoffs for us) it shouldn’t be too much to ask that players show up prepared. Those 16 games at a $158,000,000 salary cap compute to $9,875,000 per game for the players, even those who sit on the bench and/or play infrequently.

To even out the playing field, why not try “Pay Per Play.” Set the player’s salary, set the standard per position, rate the results per game as a percent of the standard (100 percent), keep track of these results and at the end of the season, total pay will be awarded based on the average percentage total.

Example: 80 percent of standard equals 80 percent of pay, 50 percent of standard equals 50 percent of pay. Those who consistently under-perform should eventually get the message.

Scott Patterson


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