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Letter: Wage hike for servers hurts everyone involved

Wage hike for servers hurts everyone involved

I’ve been in the service industry for 30 years. This new drastic minimum wage increase for servers is ridiculous! When I started serving in 1986, minimum wage was $2.35 an hour; before the new increase it was $5. What took 30 years to double, doubled overnight to $7.50.

I talked to a restaurant owner from Ithaca. She said this drastic increase will cost her an extra $50,000. I figure this will be the same for the place that I work. This is not fair to the little family-owned restaurants, or our customers. The wage increase is going to be passed down to the customers. Prices will and have increased. My work hours have decreased.

A lot of family-owned restaurant owners are scrambling, trying to figure out how they are going to pay this huge increase. The changes that I have seen so far are not good for anyone – my employer or my customers.

When I was getting paid $5 an hour, if I didn’t make at least the state minimum wage my employer would have to make up the difference. I always made more than minimum wage. So why break something that isn’t broken?

Whoever thought this was a good idea had no idea what effect this would have. It was not well-thought-out. The average profit margin for a restaurant is 3.5 percent. For some places, that will be eaten up in this new wage increase. What a shame.

Mary Machnica