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Letter: Pro-gun argument defies common sense

Pro-gun argument defies common sense

Nope. I cannot let this one go. A recent letter writer whines about gun control laws. Poor guy. He’s upset because the police are out there “harassing” people about the number of bullets in their gun. He believes all gun control laws are “asinine” and are doomed to failure. He infers that any type of control is useless and futile. And then he hides behind the “bad guys don’t obey the law” argument.

He seems to support the case that we should not do background checks, register weapons and close the gun show loophole. I bet he’d like it if brave males went into a bar and put their Smith & Wesson on the bar rather than a cellphone. So we’d be safer because anyone and everyone can just go to a sporting goods store and buy any type of weapon they want, like buying a pair of running shoes. To hell with any concern whether they are stable or a criminal. It’s too much an inconvenience for “good guys with a gun” to fill out paperwork.

And while we’re at it, let’s stop proofing people at drinking establishments, because remember, Prohibition didn’t work. Why, I bet if we made heroin legally available, we’d put the drug cartels out of business.

Let’s do nothing and make it all easier to get a handgun, especially when you are angry or your feelings are hurt. Yeah, that’ll make us safer.

George McNally