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Letter: Trump’s bad behavior is an embarrassment

Trump’s bad behavior is an embarrassment

The very first thing I saw on the news this morning was Donald Trump spewing his dictatorial trash in his carnival show. After months of listening to him, I realized that he is a first-year student’s psychology textbook project.

The man is insecure, has no self-esteem, doesn’t even know how to tie a tie properly (the tip of the tie should not be longer than the belt) and more than likely has battled comments about his hair. And, money or not, he doubts his self-confidence. He jokes about a microphone not working to his liking, as his audience enjoys yet another free show – and, of course, by their laughter, he feels better about himself.

There are multitudes of parents giving their children a good, respectful upbringing and teaching about bullying and why it is never the right thing to do.

Then they turn on the television and watch Trump ostracize females and make fun of handicapped people by copying their medical issue. How can we expect our kids to not be confused, by an adult whom they should be able to look toward?

Shame on the Republicans for allowing this candidate to disgrace what is left of that party. Can you even imagine our country, where everyone should be free, with him as commander in chief? I don’t, because it will never happen. The pulpit will be taken away very soon. God bless our America!

Sharon M. Rybak