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Power Take: Part of Wilson’s legacy was standing up for little guy

The late Ralph Wilson Jr. had his flaws as the Bills’ owner, but you could always count on him standing his ground against the NFL’s heavy hitters. He was an AFL original who knew his way around a boardroom and refused to be pushed around by his younger, wealthier counterparts.

We’ll never know how Wilson would have voted when the NFL approved the St. Louis Rams’ relocation to Los Angeles, but history suggests he would have argued against the move. Twenty years ago, he was one of only two owners who opposed the Browns leaving Cleveland for Baltimore.

Wilson voted against popular labor deals that he thought contained too many loopholes and didn’t work for small-market teams. Finances were often a top priority with the Bills, but he had the NFL’s greater good in mind. His decisions in league matters weren’t always based on the almighty buck.

Too often, Jerry Jones and other NFL bullies are so consumed with football revenue that they disregard diehard fans in football towns. It made me wonder if NFL newbies Terry and Kim Pegula, when voting in favor of the Rams’ move, simply rolled with the tide rather than stand strong against the wave.

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