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Letter: It is disturbing to see such disparity in hiring

It is disturbing to see such disparity in hiring

I read Rod Watson’s Jan. 7 column, “Disparity in hiring recasts meaning of ‘invisible man,’ ” and I cried, I was so angry. Five African-American unemployed men sat at the table at BUILD of Buffalo, discussing a shortage of construction workers and the hiring of workers from other cities. It is difficult for me to understand why African- American men who have credentials, experience and skills are not being hired by the downtown building sites.

They are certainly “invisible men,” as was stated in the column, who need to make a decent living for their families. These men are not recognized, sometimes just ignored, even with the skills they possess. Companies are not hiring them or give them menial work for low wages. This has been going on for far too long. This is what our community and our leaders should be protesting, especially when Katie Couric returns and visits the “other Buffalo,” which she missed this time.

Priscilla Y. Hill