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Letter: Design changes create bland building at Gates

Design changes create bland building at Gates

I have been following the great interest in the Canterbury Woods Gates Circle project. The neighborhood’s desire to present a good face to the world at the location is admirable. The empty parking lot across the circle also needs their attention.

Many changes have been suggested to the Planning Board that express a wish for a look of solidity – getting rid of modern building materials such as metal panels and using only brick and stone instead. The architects have slowly changed the look of the exterior. Now there is a suggestion that the roof line be altered, which would get rid of the large glass wall at the top.

As slight changes have been made to the plans, the building is assuming a greater and greater retro design look. The desire to have the building last forever is drowning out the look of today.

Buffalo takes pride in its broad mix of interesting architecture. The original design is interesting, but the changes are slowly producing a bland salute to the past that will not be noticeable to passers-by.

Kathleen W. Webb