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Dunne with Graham Video/Audio: NFL Playoffs, Tyrod Taylor's future, Sabres' pronunciations

First off, thanks to everyone for tuning in all season long. We greatly appreciate you all listening/watching here on the BN Blitz Blog, iTunes and Periscope. We're planning on recording the pod throughout the offseason so let us know what you want to hear @TyDunne and @ByTimGraham.

On this week's podcast, we break down the NFL Playoffs, the future of Tyrod Taylor and the Bills' offense as a whole. Here are a few highlights, if you'd like to skip around...

  • 3:00... Peyton Manning, HGH, and the two AFC postseason match-ups.
  • 14:45... Russell Wilson's magic and the NFC postseason match-ups.
  • 21:50... Ex-Bill QB Alex Van Pelt's impact in Buffalo.
  • 26:00... WNY-natives JC Tretter and James Starks playing key roles for Green Bay.
  • 34:30... Tim's new alcohol-friendly diet.
  • 37:25... We debate the highly controversial knit-hat-at-the-gym look.
  • 43:50... Is Tyrod Taylor the franchise quarterback in Buffalo?
  • 47:15... The many pronunciations of the Buffalo Sabres' names when Tim was on the beat.
  • 54:50... Back on track with Taylor's future in Buffalo and what other QB's say about him.
  • 1:05:50... The Taylor/Wilson comparison.
  • 1:10:44... Buffalo's offensive line play in 2015.
  • 1:16:33... LeSean McCoy, Karlos Williams and the team's situation at running back.
  • 1:27:56... What do the Bills do at wide receiver behind Sammy Watkins?

You can download the weekly episodes on iTunes here or catch the audio and video replays below.

Thanks again, everyone.




Video via Periscope...


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