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Letter: U.S. shouldn’t turn its back on refugees

U.S. shouldn’t turn its back on refugees

The terrorist attacks around the world by radical Islamists have generated fear and suspicion bordering on paranoia. Unfortunately, some politicians have added to these fears by suggesting our country prohibit any Muslims from entering our country as immigrants for fear that they might be terrorists. Donald Trump wants to build a wall on our Southern border to prevent Mexicans from entering, as well as all Muslims. Not all Muslims are terrorists.

Forty-eight percent of those fleeing Syria are children. They flee because of war, poverty and oppression by both the Syrian government and ISIS. Most of our immigrants, with the exception of the African slaves, left their countries for the same reasons. The United States always has been a haven for those oppressed for religious, political or other reasons as well as poverty.

These immigrants have built up our country and defended our freedoms in all the wars the United States fought. Pope Francis urged the United Nations and our Congress to assist these immigrants. Our intelligence services have been more cooperative since 9/11. Should we encourage those fleeing the Mideast to return home and be terrorists themselves? Why be exclusive?

Joseph W. Strychasz, LCSW