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Less Stress, More Yoga

Now that students are well into the school year, all the homework, tests and quizzes are adding up. Trying to balance every aspect of life is a lot to handle, and so is managing stress. One calming remedy to this issue is yoga.

Jamie Pearson of Power Yoga Buffalo, who has been practicing yoga for 14 years and has been yoga instructor for seven years recently talked about the benefits of yoga. Pearson first got involved in yoga through a friend after hearing all the great things about it. After her first class, she couldn’t believe what she’d been missing. She began focusing on it daily and then opened her own studio with a friend.

Yoga is all about realizing your best and highest potential with all those practicing with you, she says. The support from those in the room and simply their breathing gives you permission to let loose. You learn to build trust in others and connect to what matters most to you, she continues.

Through yoga, you give it your all without the hope of receiving, but end up getting back more spiritually and physically, Pearson says.

In the physical aspect, yoga improves flexibility, balance and coordination while allowing you to relax. Mentally, it helps you focus and concentrate as well as decrease concerns about stress and other issues. The parasympathetic drive in the nervous system is stimulated in yoga, which is the opposite of the fight-or-flight reaction. A regular yoga practice decreases cortisol levels, resulting in decreased stress and lower blood pressures. Yoga also allows you to develop a positive body image and let go of criticizing yourself in every way.

When students are taking exams and studying, yoga can be hugely beneficial. Practicing yoga can help deal with anxiety.

Being able to think clearly and positively will improve your mindset and your attitude.

Victoria Wagner is a junior at Wilson High School.