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City Hallways (Jan. 13) Purple Peruvian Potatoes

Steve Stepniak, Buffalo's DPW Commissioner and the face of the city's snow-fighting efforts, says Buffalo is prepared.

Steve Stepniak, Buffalo's DPW Commissioner and the face of the city's snow-fighting efforts, says Buffalo is prepared.


Weather watch

I was in City Hall, going from one meeting to another Tuesday morning, not paying much attention to the weather until  finally getting a chance to go outside around 1 p.m.  I took a picture, although there wasn't much going on. It was a little windy, but very little snow. So when Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak later Tuesday was talking about the squall that hit downtown in the  afternoon, I didn't know  what he was talking about. Then Mike DeGeorge, Mayor Byron Brown's spokesman, showed me a picture he took at noon, about an  hour before I took mine. Take a look (BTW there's a lake effect warning for this evening in Buffalo so stay warm, stay safe):

1 p.m Tuesday.: Wind whips up outside City Hall.

noon outside City Hall (Photo by Mike DeGeorge)

noon Tuesday outside City Hall
(Photo by Mike DeGeorge)


Cops at protests and on  Segways

Here's a couple  things I learned at all  those meetings I sat through yesterday. The Police Department has created an Emergency Response Team that's getting special training to handle demonstrations like those the City of Buffalo experienced in December 2014, for example,  as part  of  the  almost  nationwide Black Lives Matter movement. That report came from Inspector Josesph Strano,  who filled the Council  in  on how the department spends some of its training funds.  Strano also talked about special training for homicide and Internal Affairs officers  financed  with  asset forfeiture funds. And on a different subject, in response to a request from  University Councilman Rasheed Wyatt, Strano said  the BPD  will consider purchasing Segways for officers patrolling  the Bailey Avenue and Main Street commercial districts.

Peruvian  potatoes  and other tasty treats

Christopher DeLorenzo, who owns a juicery on Main Street in Williamsville, told the Council he plans to also open a juicery at 766 Elwmood.

The Council also heard plans for a Latin American cuisine restaurant at 153 Elmwood, formerly home of the Cozumel  Grill. The cuisine intrigued some Council members, who asked for a  better description of the food that will be served.

"Cuban, Puerto Rican, and South American," the restaurant rep told the Council members.

"Will you have Peruvian," North District Councilman Joe  Golombek asked.

"Yes," the woman responded.

"With the potatoes?" Golombek asked.

"Yes," she responded.

"The  little  purple  potatoes are Peruvian,"  added Fillmore  Councilman Dave Franczyk.purple_potato_2192_general

What's with  the  potato talk? I asked Golombek,

"I've been trying to  fine  Peruvian  potatoes,"  he said, explaining that he has a Peruvian friends whose mother makes  wonderful Peruvian potato dishes.


THIS WEEK'S POLL - Please vote if you haven't already, but only one vote per person please

The Common Council seems determined to have a bigger say when it  comes to Buffalo schools, particularly since Ulysees Wingo was elected to the Masten Council seat in November. His wife is a teacher, and he’s a youth minister. He’s taken over the Council's Education Committee. While  the committee only met sporadically last  year, Wingo has  scheduled monthly  Education Committee meetings for 2016,  starting with one Thursday.

Given that theme, this week's  City Hallways poll question is education related. Poll is up all week. Results will be posted Monday.

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