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City Hallways (Jan. 12) Was that tape recording all legal?

1 p.m.: Winds whipping up outside City Hall after snow squall

1 p.m.: Wind whipping up outside City Hall after snow squall

Side issue

The Joe Mascia hearing is over, but the two sides still get to submit final papers once hearing transcripts are completed. The hearing officer  isn't expected to announce until early March whether she thinks Mascia should stay or go. Meanwhile, a side issue emerged over the secretly recorded tapes that captured Mascia' s  N-word stream.  New York State allows conversations to be taped as long as one of the two  people involved in the conversation is aware they are  being recorded.  So the  portion of the tape when Mascia uses racist  epithets in response to questions by Paul Christopher, the person taping the conversation, is legal. But the tape played during the Mascia hearing included a segment with Mascia talking on the phone with one of his friends, Terry Robinson. jmimages Neither Robinson nor Mascia  knew Christropher was taping  them at  the time,  raising questions about legality. Don't be surprised if Mascia's attorney, Steve Cohen, follows up on that.

Christopher, by the way, was on the city's list of perspective witnesses for Mascia's hearing, but wasn't called to testify.


THIS WEEK'S POLL - Please vote only  once

The Common Council seems determined to have a bigger say when it  comes to Buffalo schools, particularly since Ulysees Wingo was elected to the Masten Council seat in November. His wife is a teacher, and he’s a youth minister. He’s taken over the Council's Education Committee. While  the committee only met sporadically last  year, Wingo has  scheduled monthly  Education Committee meetings for 2016,  starting with one Thursday.

Given that theme, this week's  City Hallways poll question is education related. Poll is up all week. Results will be posted Monday.

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Keeping tabs on the mayor
Mayor Byron Brown will be among  those in Albany Wednesday for Gov. Cuomo's State of the  State address. Brown's State of the City speech, by the way, will be in early February.

Neighborhood News - Planning Board

Canterbury Woods senior housing at Gates Circle approved Monday; Sweet Pea grocery  on High Street tabled.

Neighborhood News - Food Store licenses

Small neighborhood groceries  continue to crop up around the city. Here's latest food store license requests that still need Common Council approval:

111 Loepere St., Friend's Grocery

3083 Main St.

916 Tonawanda St., Lucy International Spicy Food

1358 Broadway, Broadway Mart & Deli

2082 South Park, Nadeem Mart

Calendar Items
Council committee meetings today, starting with Civil Service and Finance  in morning, then Community Development and Legislation in afternoon.

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