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CBS analyst Simms: Rex's adding Rob to Bills staff is a "really good hire"

PASADENA, Calif. – CBS Sports analyst Phil Simms thinks the decision of Buffalo Bills Coach Rex Ryan to hire his brother Rob is a very positive development for the National Football League team.

In an interview after a CBS press conference for its coverage of the upcoming 50th Super Bowl, the lead CBS NFL analyst said he wasn’t surprised.

“Because they are brothers, they like each other a lot,” said Simms, who will be the analyst on the Feb.7 Super Bowl opposite play-by-play man Jim Nantz. “I know that they talk a lot. They will be a good combination because Rex is the head coach and now he can put some of the responsibility of his vision more even on Rob to help him out and do what they really want to do.”

Simms said he “absolutely” sees the hiring of Rob as assistant head coach/defense as a positive.

“I don’t know Rob as well as I know Rex, but Rob’s connection with the players is incredible," said Simms." You think Rex is whatever the word is out there, well Rob makes Rex look like he is introverted so it is going to be interesting. Knowledge, communication with the players and energy, all that is going to help. I think it is a really good hire.”

Simms dismissed the idea that the firing of Rob Ryan this season as defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints because his defense was ranked last in the league said anything about his coaching skills.

“You know once they fired Rob Ryan, the defense didn’t get any better,” said Simms. “When you’ve got a horse that is slow, it ain’t going to win the Kentucky Derby. I don’t know what anybody expected from the New Orleans Saints. I did a game of theirs. I remember looking at their roster and going, ‘ok, it is right where it should be on the defensive side.'”

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