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Letter: Universal health care might curb gun deaths

Universal health care might curb gun deaths

Like any tool, guns are stupid. They will sit in a drawer or stand in a closet for 100 years and not harm a fly. Likewise, my chain saw cannot perpetrate any massacres. It just sits there. The handful of people who perpetrate these mass shootings are the problem, of course. They’re usually insane and have slipped though the cracks of our so-called mental health system. But in reality we don’t really have any mental health “system.”

But we could, if we had single-payer health care. If we had Medicare for all, as Sen. Bernie Sanders suggests, we could intercept these people before they kill. In Europe and most of the advanced world, health care is a right, not a for-profit business. But too many politicians tell us that’s impossible in the United States. I don’t believe them.

At least one third of our veterans suffer from PTSD, which often leads to broken homes and suicide. Universal health care could care for them, as well. They could simply walk into any clinic and receive care.

The boy who killed at Sandy Hook was in severe need of mental care. Don’t blame the gun; blame the insanity and his mother’s lax security, which brought about her own death, not from an assault-type rifle but from single shots from a bolt-action .22 rifle.

Cracking down on guns is not a solution. The solution is universal health care and treating the people who should not have guns.

Bob Catalano