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Letter: Serious issues ignored in race for presidency

Serious issues ignored in race for presidency

As the election season heats up, it’s The Donald versus Hillary. The democratic process of electing our president has become a soap opera that funds the television networks, sells newspapers and fuels talk shows at the expense of the welfare of the country and the people.

America has real problems. The Middle East, Asia and Europe all have problems that need to be addressed, but America and its president do not control the whole stage. In fact, America has become pretty good at creating a lot of the world’s problems and neglecting to solve its own.

Our wealthy rulers have learned how to distract Americans’ attention. They line their own pockets at the expense of the taxpayers by labeling everyone and keeping them too busy to notice what they are doing.

Take a look at the big companies that do not pay any tax. Others get tax-free status for 10 years if they build a store or expand in your community. For the poor this is called socialism, but if you are wealthy, it’s called good business.

More money is spent on defense than any other one issue – food, roads and bridges, health care, welfare. Defense spending trumps it all, and we have not won a war in 70 years.

America is now CEOs, stockholders and profits at any cost. We are not for the people, we are for profit, and nothing else. We are human beings, not just a number, and this election is very important to all of us. How about some truth, and real action?

Daniel R. Weaver

West Seneca