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Letter: All Americans deserve equal protection of law

All Americans deserve equal protection of law

I was reading the Jan. 5 editorial page and saw Adam Zyglis’ cartoon, “A Field Guide to Civil Unrest …” It displayed an African-American holding a “#Black Lives Matter” sign labeled as a thug, and a fellow dressed in Western American clothing holding what seems to be an assault weapon labeled as a protester.

Black lives do matter, and the rights of small ranchers matter as well. The valid expression of rights of African-Americans is hardly civil unrest. Let’s look at the “Buffalo Billion” not like the U.S. Attorney from Manhattan, but from the African-American in Buffalo who has been excluded from employment in this endeavor. The Buffalo mayor admits that there was exclusion from the benefit of employment to the African-American community but offers no reason. The Buffalo Police Department is still under orders from the U.S. Office of Civil Rights to ensure the rights of African-Americans living in Buffalo.

A bit of explanation is required to understand the situation in Oregon. Massive food corporations are trying to displace small ranchers who obtained their land from the federal government through post-Civil War land grant and homesteading laws in collusion with the U.S. government. The ranchers in Oregon are just trying to protect their land. These multinational corporations act like strip mining and are disliked by the local and state governments.

One reason for the massive fires affecting the West and Southwest is the displacement of the small ranchers with strip mining food corporations. Both African-Americans in Buffalo and the Oregon ranchers have the same interest in equal protection of the law. Perhaps we should call it civil disobedience, since the only civil unrest was in the provocative cartoon.

Harvey Brody