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Letters for Jan. 10

Blame it on the new math

I realize that we are all pretty sick of discussing Rex Ryan, his playoff boasts, his defense, and his overall head coaching ability, but I have to ask one final question that I haven’t heard addressed. How long does it take to learn the differences between a 4-3 and a 3-4 defense?

The players and coaches had the offseason, the multiple spring workouts, the take-home iPad lessons, the preseason and the regular season and they still can’t execute it. Is this nuclear science or the IRS tax code? Do you have to be a genius? Does it take that much of a different type of athletic ability?

In addition, I thought everyone in sports had long ago agreed that you fit your system to your talent and not vice versa. When was this accepted truism abandoned? What an unanticipated terrible year for Bills fans. I think we deserve better.

Lou Speranza


Come on, Sully! You’re just like us

Jerry Sullivan’s column on Jan. 3 is laughable. In it he stated that “one of the drawbacks to sports writing is that you surrender your right to be a fan” and “rooting for the home team is not an option.” Really, Jerry?

It becomes obvious to anyone who reads Jerry’s columns that he is no different than the average suffering Buffalo sports fan. His emotions rise and fall with the successes and failures of the local sports teams. If you don’t believe what I’m saying, just read his columns from the most recent Bills season. When the team did good, he was happy and had hope. When they performed poorly, he called for heads to roll.

Nice try, Jerry.

Mike Breier

Grand Island

A .500 season for Bills turned out to be correct

I guess the Buffalo Bills fooled all of those who make the News staff selections. Everyone said the Jets were going to beat the Bills in the last game of the season. Glad I listened to my son Lane, he told me all along the Bills were going to be 8-8.

Audrey Strauss


Despite wins at the end, season a joyless one

Another season went down the drain again. There is little or no joy in this 8-8 season. Sure, Rex Ryan was giddy in just eliminating his old team that had fired him only a year ago, based on his failed accomplishments, and I do realize that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

However, I am glad in a way that the Pegulas didn’t fire him and let him walk away with a windfall. His return next year will be very stressful and agonizing – like a dead man walking to his demise. Let him earn his money or else.

His verbal jibberish has caught up to him and now he has nowhere to hide, including his fans, media, or the owners. No more promises of sugar plums or dancing bears are there in the future. Also, looking back at the Bills record of .500 is deceiving. The only team they beat in 16 games with a winning record was the Jets, twice, who also failed to make the playoffs. Rex, you can try and coach in 2016 but you can’t hide.

Anthony Hammill


Take heart in fact that Bills dominated Jets, Dolphins

At least we own two-thirds of the AFC East.

Our Bills are 10-2 against the Jets and Dolphins since 2013, have outscored them by 151 points and have plus-30 turnover margin. The Patriots are starting to slow as we are starting to gain strength.

No more wasting valuable time on starting QB auditions, spend more time perfecting and less time learning the defensive scheme along with players who really want to be here. A new year equals newfound optimism. Let’s go, Buffalo.

Bobby Desse

Orlando, Fla.

South Park touched by widespread support

The past few months have been such a wonderful time for everyone at South Park High School as we went on an historic run to the Buffalo Public Schools first-ever state championship in football. The amount of support from our student body, faculty, staff, alumni, and most importantly the citizens of Western New York has been nothing short of amazing.

All of us here are still enjoying the positive spotlight that has been cast on our school, our student-athletes and our faculty for the hard work that they have dedicated themselves to doing in order to accomplish such a tremendous goal.

We thank each and every one of you that has supported us.

Theresa Schuta,


Tim Delaney,

Head football coach

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