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Letter: It’s easy to understand why NRA won’t give in

It’s easy to understand why NRA won’t give in

I was always a believer that anyone buying a gun should have a background check. It seemed like a no-brainer. But the more I see what’s happening around the country with the liberal left, the media and every bleeding-heart tree-hugger with the necessary wealth at their disposal to end gun ownership totally in America, the more I understand why the National Rifle Association won’t budge an inch on this fight.

New York already has in place the judges, law enforcement and political powerhouses to do whatever they please regarding the Second Amendment, as proven by the NY SAFE Act. Could you ever have envisioned a group of spineless cowards gathering in a room in the middle of the night to pass such legislation without the people’s approval or input? No wonder gun sales are going through the roof. The Constitution is just an outdated piece of history to these people, not the law of the land, and they will stop at nothing to change things to their way of thinking.

They say nobody needs an AR-15 to hunt deer? Who are they to make that decision for me? It’s an all-around excellent rifle for hunting, target shooting and home defense, and now illegal in New York State. Get out and vote next election, before that’s taken away from us for our own good.

Tom Perkovich