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Letter: Don’t let small group derail Canterbury Woods project

Don’t let small group derail Canterbury Woods project

The Jan. 4 meeting dealing with the Canterbury Woods project was instructive but not productive.

I hereby disclose that we have applied and made a money commitment to the Canterbury Woods project. We are one couple out of 135 applicants; many of whom are from the suburbs. These are people willing to come to, or stay in, the city, participate in Buffalo activities, eat and shop in its businesses, and pay taxes. Our opinion has not been sought.

I felt the meeting was one-sided, driven by the members of the community living west of the Delaware Avenue line. I heard from no residents living in other areas near Gates Circle.

One speaker addressed what she referred to as “the elephant in the room” – the total Montante project. The Canterbury Woods building had become the target of the reaction to the elephant. The emphasis of the reactions seemed to be on the “architectural” elements of the building. Really?

I contend that, in some of the voices opposing the project, there is a hidden ageism. Some of us fail to realize, or will not admit, that we are but a fraction of a second away from frailty. I also sense a NIMBY attitude, a fear that opening Lancaster Avenue up to Linwood will create another thoroughfare for residents east of Delaware to reach Elmwood.

Let us not make the perfect the enemy of the good. Let us not make this another signature bridge conundrum.

Angel Gutierrez