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Letter: American ingenuity can reduce gun deaths

American ingenuity can reduce gun deaths

We recently learned that our death rate per 100,000 was the same for motor vehicle accidents and gun-related fatalities. This convergence came about because we have cut the motor vehicle death rate in half. This accomplishment came after 50 years of effort.

We installed seat belts, anti-lock brakes and air bags, and built auto frames that absorbed impact. We had citizens groups opposing drunken driving, government studies and legislation and auto manufacturers responding with innovations. We thought of things unknown 50 years ago. It was capitalism in action.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we applied the same resources to the issue of gun safety? Maybe we could cut that death rate in half, as well. For instance, there is a technology that allows only the registered gun owner to fire a weapon. A stolen gun is useless, and children can’t shoot themselves. As we did with autos, American ingenuity could come up with ideas unknown today. Let us unlock our vast resources to fully address this issue.

Carl Jacobs