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Letter: Welfare of Hoskins’ horses should be our main concern

Welfare of Hoskins’ horses should be our main concern

I have been involved in and watched the Beth Lynne Hoskins case for six years. I commend Donn Esmonde on his excellent column. There are so many angles to this story, with Hoskins doing exactly as she pleases in spite of court orders.

Who is watching out for the horses, which are pawns in the hands of the court and Hoskins? All animals need food, water and shelter, along with some form of exercise. Many of these horses have been in small stalls for years. Do they have adequate shelter? Originally part of the barn was tarped and there were not enough stalls. They have had very little handling and training, so many are not saleable. Finding suitable homes would be the best option.

We should all be outraged at our court system and the neglect of all these horses, in spite of the amazing efforts of the SPCA and others. When will the welfare of these horses be the most important issue in this case?

Ann Jewett

East Aurora